Northants Telegraph.jpg Interview with Bernie Keith - The Launch BBC  Radio Northampton - 07/07/2016 Newpaper Article Northants Telegraph - 07/07/2016 To access the article, click the book Launch Invite.jpg No10 in UK.pdf NUMBER 10 in the UK!!!! See 2ndpage of Amazon chart 09/07/2016 The Best Ever Book Review Emmathelittlebookworm BlogSpot - 08/07/2016 My First Publication Day (Hangovers & Scones) Entry from Louise’s Blog - 08/07/2016 My first launch. The good, the bad & the cake - 09/07/2016 Louise Bernie Keith Interview.mp3 © Louise Jensen USATodayNo7.PNG USA Today Book Review Number 7!! - 21/07/16 WashingtonPost.png Washington Post (USA) Number 4 in best seller list - 22/07/2016 Amazon UK No1 Chart.JPG Number 1 In The UK!!!! Top of the charts on - 22/07/2016 New novelist from Corby is a number one bestseller Northamptonshire Telegraph - 25/07/2016 Louise John Griff Interview.mp3 Interview with John Griff - Being No.1 in the UK BBC Radio Northampton - 26/07/2016 Amazon Canada No1.jpg Number 1 In Canada!!!! Top of the charts on - 26/07/2016 Louise Hannah Murry Talk Radio.mp3 Interview with Hannah Murry Talk Radio Europe. The Book Show - 11/08/2016 Woman Magazine Sept 2016 Don’t tell me I can’t write a best selling novel! Woman Magazine - 19/09/2016 Cover Reveal Day! - 19/10/2016 The Sister is nominated for Best Debut Novel of 2016 GoodReads - 01/11/2016 Louise - The Gift - John Griff Publication Day Interview.mp3 Interview with John Griff - Publication Day BBC Radio Northampton - 16/12/2016 Charts Louise - The Gift Interview - No.1.mp3 Interview with John Griff - No.1 In A Week! BBC Radio Northampton - 23/12/2016 ITV Report - Full720p.mp4 Two Number 1 Best Sellers In A Year ITV News - Interview by Claire McGlasson - 4th January 2017 Louise David Heaney Leisure FM Interview.mp3 Interview with David Heaney - Top Draw Leisure FM Radio for Braintree - 14/05/2017